The Devil's Dyke Branch Line.


This is the "ghost-trains" group's website on The Dyke Railway.

On this website you will find as comprehensive an historical outline of the site as possible, along with new and old photographs of the site, maps, comments and the ability to leave your own comments and anecdotes on anything you see on the site. These are especially welcome, as we can often gain a lot more information from personal insight than we can from trawling through textbooks.

One particular section of the site contains photos that we took of the remaining Industrial Archaeological features of the site in the present day, taken on 8th November 2008.

Please note that, as with all of the websites in the ghost-trains group, this website is set up, provided and run by a small group of enthusiasts and, as such, is limited by the constraints of time and internet access! It is therefore prudent to state that all of our websites are work in progress and therefore may be incomplete, look odd or have weird glitches in places where we have had to scream at the alarm clock and leg it to work!

Please also note that in certain parts of the website, there are pictures we have used WHICH DO NOT BELONG TO US and must only be used (and I stress only) for the purposes of illustrating a point. PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR DISTRIBUTE ANY OF THE OLD PHOTOS ON THIS WEBSITE, otherwise it may not be around very long, on account of me being in gaol for copyright infringement!!

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